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Bailey- Writing Portfolio

MLA Resources:

Owl at Purdue



Writing Commons

Group Resources:

Biographical Research:

Resume Workshop

Cover Letter Workshop

Wall Street Journal– Choose EBSCOHost Research Databases.  Scroll down and choose Newspaper Source and then Continue.  Add your topic to the search box and type in “Wall Street Journal” in the Publication search box on the bottom right to find Wall Street Journal articles on your author’s topic.

Annotated Bibliography

Individual Resources:

1.  Op-ed piece

2.  Letter to the editor

4.  Business Memo

5.  Policy Memo

6.  Legal brief

7.  Proposal for a raise

9.  Grant Proposal

14. Real estate description

15. Letter to School Board/ Letter to City Council

16. Press release

17. Maid of Honor speech/ Best Man speech

20. Personal Correspondence

REMEMBER:  Online resource passwords can be found on the student public drive in the library folder. 

You will need these passwords to access these resources from home. 

my.hpisd.org will take you to the portal and allow you to access your drive and the student public drive.

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