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PAP English II researching

Starting the research process

Purdue OWL – THE place for MLA guidelines.  Check out the entries for MLA like:

Literary Reference Center – a step-by-step walkthrough for researching on topics for papers, including plagiarism/copying

Dr. Pendleton’s Prezi – a quick Prezi on researching and finding “tiles” of information to place in your paper

PAP Unbroken Assignment page 1    PAP Unbroken Assignment page 2 – Google Doc versions of assignment for the research essay and speech


Find the pieces that complete your argument’s puzzle

Laura Hillenbrand interview – New Yorker magazine published this interview with the Unbroken author about the discussions with Zamperini to write the book

Online Resources on the HP Scots Library page


Build the paper, and your argument

Persuasive essay outline – excellent paragraph-based outline with explanations of how to structure your research paper that stays on topic

Persuasive essay examples – read some written examples of stating your position on your topic.  CAUTION – these are not in MLA format, and are expressions of the authors’ views.  They are presented here for educational purposes only.

Rhetorical Strategies for persuasion – the Purdue OWL (yes, again!) includes this page for using ethos, logos, and pathos in persuasive speech

Thesis statement guide – the University of Washington writing center created this short guide to help with your first sentence of the paper or paragraph

Persuasive speaking – since a speech is part of this assignment, the University of Pittsburgh created this page to make your essay more speech-like and persuasive


Give credit where credit is due

EasyBib – simple citation generator for Works Cited lists, check results against Purdue OWL for accuracy!

EasyBib Guide to MLA 8th ed. – like Purdue OWL, but easier to read

Cite This For Me.com – awesome automated Works Cited page builder, not just entry by entry, but the WHOLE PAGE.  Check your citation results from here against Purdue OWL for accuracy!

Plagiarism – page on copying, stealing or taking someone else’s work

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