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The Highland Park High School Library strives to provide a broad collection of resources that presents varying levels of difficulty, satisfies a wide range of interests, and represents varied points of view. The collection includes fiction books, nonfiction books, audio books, graphic novels, eBooks, reference materials, periodicals, audio/visual materials, art prints, and online resources. Our materials are intended to support the high school curriculum, to encourage pleasure reading, to build knowledge, and to represent many ethnic, religious, and cultural groups.

The library serves a large population of students and staff; it is our responsibility to provide access to a diverse assortment of materials to meet the needs of our many users. It is recognized that every book in the library will not be relevant for every student. We encourage readers to practice self‐selection skills in determining the best materials to fit their personal interests and needs. Librarians are readily available to provide guidance in the students’ selection process.  We encourage all students to try a variety of books knowing that no book is right for every reader.  If a student checks out a book that is not a fit, he/she can return it in and try something else.


Additional Resources:

 Library Collection Procedures

HPISD Instructional Resources and Selection and Adoption Policies

HPISD Instructional Resource Policies


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