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Citation Tools

Understanding citation of sources is an important aspect for college readiness. The following resources fall into two categories.

  1. Tutorials and guides that show the details of widely used citation styles
  2. Tools that make the process of documenting sources according to these styles faster and easier

Style Guides

Purdue University Online Writing Lab is an outstanding, thorough resource for MLA and APA styles.  The site shows examples of citations, bibliographies and sample papers.

The University of Chicago provides a Turabian Style Guide reference sheet for projects needing Chicago/Turabian style citations.

Undergraduate Writing Center at UT Austin offers lots of handouts with examples.  Style guides, writing tips, punctuation help, and many other topics are on their page.

Tools and Tutorials

Citation Machine is a free, ad-supported citation tool for all styles, but does not have any storage or organization tools.

Google Docs has very handy tools for citing sources using footnotes. It works best with Internet sources. See this quality 4 minute video tutorial.  Docs also features MLA and APA sample papers that demonstrate the format as templates.

Social Media Cite Guide

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