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New Year, New Events

It truly feels like Fall has arrived in the air, and that makes it a great time to return to the Gibbs Library and Media Center for exciting new titles and events happening in the Library!  Every new school year brings on some changes in how the Library works and operates, and our priority is to make the Library the best it can be for all students.

There are some changes to how the Library will operate this year to make the student experience better and more positive for everyone.

  1. Food and candy are no longer allowed in the Library.
  2. Drinks are welcome, as long as they have a lid.
  3. Loud talkers will be asked to leave the Library.
  4. Quiet study spaces are available to students who need to focus during busy times.  Please ask the Library staff for a Quiet Study Space during busy periods.
  5. The Library provides some supplies for projects, like scissors, staplers, hole punchers, rulers, etc… but does not provide markers, colored pencils, glue sticks, or other consumables.  Students can purchase these items at the Supply Shop in the cafeteria.

We are also very excited about new programs and events happening this year in the Library.  There are lots of activities on the calendar, so keep watching this site and the signs outside the Library for the schedule.  How do these things sound?

  1. Secure charging stations for laptops and phones
  2. iPads stations to easily look for a book without lots of website steps
  3. Laptops and iPads to check out for class if you forget yours
  4. More fiction, with newer titles!
  5. New magazine choices in print and accessible from home
  6. Workshop presentations on MLA format, bibliographies, study skills, and more
  7. Student and faculty art on display
  8. The return of BookLove
  9. HD display screen in ES203 for classes
  10. More tables and chairs for student groups to work and study
  11. Expanded database choices for research and information
  12. Increased technology help, including personal device assistance

The entire Library staff is here to help you succeed in your classes, learning, literacy, and assignments.  Let us be your first stop when you are seeking help with schoolwork or projects.

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