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Project Pointers

There are always deadlines to projects, due dates for assignments and timelines for graded work that every student tries to meet.  Here are a few ideas from my experience to help keep your homework and assignments from overwhelming your schedule:

  1. Start Early – Avoid waiting until the last minute to begin, since you have many more obstacles in the way of your completion than if you worked through the obstacle before the due date.  You can eat an elephant, when you eat it one bite at a time over time.
  2. Involve your Library Staff – we are happy to help you find magazine articles, books, quotations, and other resources for your class assignments.  We are really, really good at finding information if you involve us early in the project.
  3. Follow the instructions – this is the biggest deduction overall in project grading.  Use the right number of references, exceed the minimum length/word count, select more quotations or citation sources than required, but at least follow the instructions.  Use Turabian formatting on pink card stock paper with wingdings font if that is the assignment instructions, but follow them to the letter.
  4. Read your writing back to yourself – when the wording sounds mechanical or confusing to you, your teacher will find it mechanical or confusing.  Write as though you are speaking to someone you admire about your project, and use your active voice in your writing style.
  5. Choose a proofreader (or two!) – when you are happy with your project, show it to a friend to let them find problems in it.  More sets of eyes reading critically  will  identify typos and other errors.
  6. Turn it in on time – deadlines exist for a reason.

We want to help you be successful in your work at HPHS.  Involve us early in your assignments, and avoid waiting until the day before to make projects a simple process!

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