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Welcome Back Scots Readers!

The library is thrilled to open its new Innovative Classroom- a flexible, collaborative space that all teachers and students can use.

innovative classroom   IC

It’s equipped with:

  • a wall of whiteboards
  • a wall with a track system of whiteboards that you can take down, write on, and re-hang
  • portable tables (with whiteboard tops) on wheels that can be configured for different group dynamics
  • chairs on wheels
  • a large interactive touch-screen flat panel display
  • 32 touch screen laptops
  • 40 iPads

Many, many thanks to PTA Gifting and La Fiesta de las Seis Banderas for their generous support of this amazing space.

We are also excited to collaborate with several teachers this year to help our students develop reading habits, reading stamina, and independent reading lives.


We’ll be promoting #hphsbooklove all year with frequent book talks, displays, presentations, and converstation between students, faculty, and the community about the books we love.  Please share your #hphsbooklove!

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