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Reading Buddies: A Popular Service Opportunity Close to Home

Highland Park Scots are discovering a rewarding volunteer experience at nearby Franklin Middle School. Franklin students, who are recent immigrants to the United States and need help learning English attend an after-school program called Reading Buddies. Our Scots work closely with one or two reading buddies by reading with them and helping them develop English fluency.

For Ms. Plemmon’s Spanish IV students and Spanish Club members, it is a chance to practice their 2nd Language, as a majority of Franklin Reading Buddies are native Spanish-speakers. Over the course of the three Reading Buddy sessions during the Fall Semester, participation by HP students increased 50% each time, and most leave with smiles on their faces.

In the coming Spring Semester, the program is sure to become even better and more frequent. In January the Franklin Reading Buddies will visit Highland Park High School for a visit to the Planetarium, and Wednesday after school-sessions will continue at Franklin.

The program is a creation of Franklin Middle School Librarian, Dr. Rosenid Badia, recent winner of DISD Librarian of the Year. If you are interested in participating contact Mr. Krasnoff, librarian at Highland Park HS.

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